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About Us

We all need to make phone calls and we often need to call abroad, the costs can easily pile up extremely high.

We have the perfect solution for you! Jtelcall offers you free phone calls abroad!

In order to make a free phone call anywhere in the world, the person you are calling must also have jtelcall installed. So make sure to tell all your contacts to download our app right away!

Making phone calls abroad for free is very simple: just download our app, create an account, check your contacts for other jtelcall users, and you can start talking to them for free even if you are both at other ends of the world!

You can also make conference calls, send texts and send attachments for free to all you Jtelcall contacts.

We also offer video call for free. With video call you can have a conversation with another Jtelcall user while you are both seeing each other talk. Video call can even be used instead of business meetings!

You can also make phone calls to non-Jtelcall users for a very cheap price.

In order to call a non-Jtelcall user, you will first need to top up your account. You can do this on our website. You can top up for as little as $5 and then make cheap phone calls to anyone in the world. You can check the prices for calling abroad on our website. We have prices for most countries, both to mobile and landline.

If you are a frequent caller abroad, we can offer you some great package deals. You can save up to 50% with our deals!

Our app can be installed on iOS, Android, Mac and PC.